Renters Alarm Co

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Louisiana Home Security

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Six Californias

Six Californias, what a cool idea! Here’s how the cute little brand news states would stack up among a field of 55, and an unsound and overly simplistic swag at how they might vote in a Presidential election.

The Evolution and Expansion of Video Creation

Video makers often incorporate stock media to improve their final creations. As a result, trends in
stock video tell us a great deal about the state of video creation. For example, from September 2010
to September 2013 the daily download volume on grew by nearly 3000 times.

The Straight Poop: Adventures in Toilet Training

Toilet training, also termed “Potty training” is a source of contention for many parents. Whether it’s potty training boot camp, cloth diapers, or regular disposables-everyone has different views of what’s best. However, history shows us that our kids are potty training at a later age than ever. has created an infographic entitled “The Straight Poop: Adventures in Toilet Training”, explaining some of the newest trends in potty training, and gives tips on early infant communication.
Back in 1957, most kids were potty trained by 18 months of age. As of today, that number has doubled to 36 months old. Why? This infographic gives some plausible causes, such as the comfort of a wet disposable diaper, and parents letting their children getting accustomed to wearing diapers.
The newest trend in potty training (Which isn’t actually new) is elimination communication, which uses the infants’ natural cues to signal when it’s time to visit the loo. This infographic details tips, tricks, and signals that parents all over the world use to employ this toilet training method. In fact, over 50% of the world’s infants will never wear a diaper, and will be potty trained by a year old.
Another way parents are learning to communicate with their infants is through sign language, and this infographic shows some of the most commonly used signs when it comes to communicating with an infant.
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Kashmiri Stag

A small info-graphics on Kashmiri Stag “Hangul” for a local news magazine.
The info-graphics included little history, description and a population timeline.

Your Hands Are Lethal, Choose Your Style

Info graphic type poster for Musica.. The concept – to use illustrated visuals of hands in various ‘fighting’ type poses.. The main 3 accented types are for gaming products sold by Musica.

Find Your Perfect Fry

An infographic decision tree produced for Aviko UK to help their customers find the perfect fry.

Le Bestiaire Des Municipales – Paris 2014

Présentation humoristique des candidats aux élections municipales de Paris et leurs profils astrologiques.